Essential Oils Are Nature's Medicine!

They Can Help Improve Your Health One Drop at a Time!

Welcome to the Your Essential Oil Guide!

Are you

  • Interested in natural healing or alternative medicine? 
  • Leery of the side effects of prescription drugs?
  • Tired of taking over the counter medications that don't work as advertised?
  • Looking for something that can combat the new "super bugs" like MRSA
  • Searching for new ways to deal with chronic health problems?   

If your answer is "yes" to any of the questions above, please continue reading.

Become a Healer in Your Own Home

The information you will find on these pages can assist you in taking charge of your own health and wellness. You can revolutionize your personal health care. It is referred to as self care!

You can become more self reliant and handle many of your family's health care needs by having your own natural medicine cabinet in your home. This alternative medicine can be used for every day illnesses and for emergency health needs too.

I also want you to feel that there is hope in finding an effective, safe and natural solutions even for long term, chronic health problems. 

As you read and study the valuable material found on this website you will learn how to;

  • Reduce visits to the doctor
  • Decrease the number of days your kids stay home from school because of sickness
  • Cut down on the times you or your spouse have to miss work due to illness
  • Replace over the counter medications with more natural products

In my opinion, we have become too dependent on our health care system and we need to take greater personal responsibility for our own wellness.

Just to make the record clear I am not anti traditional Western medicine, it definitely has its place. If I suffer a broken bone I am going to the doctor to get it set or if I have a serious health problem I am going to a medical professional for their diagnosis.

However, rather than just treating the symptoms of an illness or health condition I would try to find a natural and effective way to treat the root cause of my "dis-ease".

What are Essential Oils?

The simple definition is essential oils are plant extracts.

Chemist, Dr. Robert Pappas, on his website Essential Oils University has this definition: "Essential oils are the volatile, aromatic oils obtained by steam or hydrodistillation of botanicals."

These oils are processed from flowers, leaves, plant stems, twigs, citrus peel, bark, wood pulp, tree resin, roots, fruits and some seeds.
  • Flowers - Rose oil is made from the petals of roses. As you can imagine it takes a lot of rose petals to make just a small amount of rose essential oil. The highest quality rose oil comes from Bulgaria.

  • Leaves - The finest peppermint oil is made just from the leaves of the peppermint plant not the stems. You can smell the difference, peppermint oil that is made from both the leaves and the stems has a harsh herbaceous smell. The finest peppermint essential oil comes from the state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Its aroma is sweet and clean.

  • Peel - The best lemon oil is cold pressed from the peel of lemons not the fruit. The finest lemon oil and orange oil in the world comes from Italy.

  • Bark - The finest cinnamon oil comes from the inner bark of the cassia tree.

  • Wood - Sandalwood essential oil is made from the pulp of the Sandalwood tree. Some of the highest quality sandalwood oil comes from the islands of Hawaii.

  • Seeds - Coriander essential oil is made from the seeds of the cilantro plant.

  • Twigs & Foliage - Cypress oil comes from cypress trees.

  • Tree Resin - Frankincense and myrrh come from the resin of trees. The finest frankincense in the world comes from a specific desert region of Oman.

One of the reasons these plant oils have therapeutic qualities is due to the complex chemical make up of the oil. In order for that oil to be effective it must be grown, harvested and processed in such a way that its complex chemical composition is not compromised.

These oils are some times referred to as the "life blood" of the plant. Many plants have the ability to fight off disease and infestation. They pass these protective qualities on when the oil is carefully extracted by experienced growers, distillers and processors.

They are different than carrier or base oils that are normally cold pressed from the seeds, kernels, or nuts of plants. Carrier oils contain fatty acids and can be soothing to the skin but have limited medicinal value.

An herbal tincture is also different. It is a liquid solution that is processed using alcohol to extract some of the beneficial properties from a plant.

Essential Oil Research

Gone are the days of looking at these oils as just folk remedies or voodoo medicine. There is just too much current scientific research supporting the therapeutic benefits of these plant extracts. You will be able to review some of the latest medical research here.

These studies come from universities and researchers from throughout the world. I encourage additional research on the health applications of these oils.

Essential Oil Distillation

These liquid botanical extracts are produced using a steam distillation method, cold pressed, through a CO2 process or in some cases by chemical extraction. The finest therapeutic oils are steam distilled or in the case of citrus oils cold pressed.

When a quality oil is extracted it must be done at the right temperature, the correct pressure using plants that are harvested at just the right time and are grown in areas where they are indigenous to the region.

 Distillation Process

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